Comebacks for Bullies

bully comebacks

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Below are some of the most common things bullies say. Help us by voting for what you think its the best comeback to the rude comments below.

Physical appearance

You are so ugly
Are your boobs real or fake?
You sure are flat chested
You have a big butt
Would you consider having a boob-job?
You need to lose weight
You are so fat
When is your baby due? (woman is not pregnant)
You’re so skinny
Why don’t you smile more?
You’re so pale
How old are you?
You’re so tall
You’re so short

You’re so…

You’re such an asshole!
You’re so blunt
You’re so bossy
You’re so crazy
You’re so clumsy
You’re such an idiot
You’re such a liar
You’re a loser
You’re so moody
You’re such a moron
You’re so nasty!
You’re so negative
You’re such a nerd
You’re so rude
You are so sarcastic
You’re so selfish
You’re so shy
You’re such a smart ass
You’re so stubborn
You’re so stupid
You’re so vulgar




Bully Comebacks

I hate you
I don’t like you
You have no friends
Will you shut up!
Fuck you!
What are you looking at?
I’m mad at  you
It’s  your fault
What’s wrong with you?
Are you crazy?
Are you a virgin?

Mean Girls

You’re such a bitch
You’re so stuck up
You’re so fake
You’re such a slut
You have no friends
You’re so two-faced
You’re such a drama queen
You’re so jealous
You’re such a flirt
I heard she’s a bitch
That girl was talking about you…
Why haven’t you called?
You will never get a boyfriend!
Are you a lesbian?

Mean Guys

You’re not cool!
Are you gay?
You’re a loser
You’re such a nerd
You have a big mouth
You’re so weird

Mean Teens

Are you stalking me?
Why didn’t you tell me?
You’ve changed
Are you on drugs?Are you ignoring me?