Aren’t you having a second child? – Snappy answers

Aren't you going to have a second child?

Moms with only one kid, often get asked, “Aren’t you having a second child?” Being asked such a personal question is not only rude, but none of their business. Here are some fun snarky comebacks you might find useful. Of course it depends who’s doing the asking, but go ahead, tell us what you think is the best answer.

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Aren't you having a second child?

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She’s my one and only child

A mother is waiting in line at the grocery store. An older lady waiting in line asks, “Is she your only child?” The mother explains that her daughter is her one and only child. The older lady comments that it is time for a sibling for the little girl. The mother responds, “I never planned the first one, what makes you think there is another one on the way? You know, it is too dangerous when the children out number the parents. This factory is closed until further notice!”

Aren’t you having another child?

A mother of four asks a mother of an only child if she plans to have more children. The mother responds, “No, we actually feel we got it right the first time.

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I can tell he is an only child

A cashier at a store tells a mother that she can tell her son is an only child. The mother tells the cashier that she shouldn’t stereo type only children.